LMP Immigration’s major successes at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal


With the latest published AAT decisions on the 18 February 2019, review applications with the migration and refugee division of the Tribunal were largely unsuccessful. https://www.aat.gov.au/AAT/media/AAT/Files/AAT%20Bulletins/7-2019.pdf
However, LMP Immigration team of experts received two very difficult but successful decisions today.
In the student visa refusal review application, the student previously enrolled in 7 different courses and only managed to complete one prior to lodging his new student visa, nevertheless the Tribunal was persuaded that the student is still a genuine student.
In the employer sponsored Temporary Work Long Stay activity visa cancellation application, the applicant stopped working for the employer since March 2017, nevertheless the given all the circumstances of the matter, the Tribunal decided the cancellation of the visa should be set aside.
We are proud of our achievements and we wish to share our clients’ happiness with all.
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