Successful Stories

Over the years our experts have helped countless individuals and family settling down in Australia on a permanent basis. Many of whom maintained ongoing friendship with the firm. We are looking forward in helping you the same.

5 April 2017 – MRT Decision – Our client first arrived in Australia on 13 August 2007 remained in Australia to date, he departed Australia twice in between for about 3 months in total. For nearly 10 years in Australia the student only completed the Diploma in Business Administration a two year course in 2009. He was enrolled in Bachelor Degree starting November 2015 and lodged a student visa application in October 2015. As his former migration agent failed to address to the department’s concern on GTE, visa was refused. Student then came to our Principal Jack Li for advice and lodged the MRT review application. Student is currently enrolled and studying the same course. During the hearing Tribunal member raised many concerns especially over his past study and experience in Australia. After lengthy evidence and submission the member decided today that the student is a Genuine Student.