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Visitor Visa for up to 10 years validity from 19 November 2016 initially for Chinese Nationals

Ten year validity visitor visa the Frequent Traveller stream will be available from 19 November 2016 for Chinese Nationals. It will be that the applicant intends to visit Australia: (a) as a tourist; or (b) to engage in a business visitor activity. The base Visa Application fee will be $1000. The visa will allow the visitor multiple entry with a stay of 3 months after each entry. The visitor must not stay in Australia for more than 12 months in any period of 24 months.

Bridging Visas from 19 November 2016 will cease 35 days or 14 days after relevant event

This amendment refers to the following bridging visas: Subclass 010 (Bridging A), Subclass 020 (Bridging B), Subclass 030 (Bridging C), Subclass 050 (Bridging (General), Subclass 051 (Bridging (Protection Visa Applicant). The effect of this amendment is that the above bridging visas will cease 35 days, rather than 28 days, after the relevant event occurs; or 14 working days, rather than 7 working days, after the relevant event occurs.

Victoria to suspend sponsoring ICT occupations from 11 November 2016 to 6 March 2017 with the possibility of further extension

Victoria to suspend sponsoring ICT occupations from 11 November 2016 to 6 March 2017 - effect occupations are: 135112 ICT Project Manager 261111 ICT Business Analyst 261112 Systems Analyst 261311 Analyst Programmer 261312 Developer Programmer 261313 Software Engineer 261314 Software Tester 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec 262111 Database Administrator 262112 ICT Security Specialist 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer. All potential applicants are advised to lodge urgently and before the 11th November 2016.

Upcoming Legislative changes to 457 Visa Condition 8107 from 19 November 2016

New 8107 visa condition applies to all subclass 457 visa granted on or after 19 November 2016. It reduces the time period that a Subclass 457visa holders can remain in Australia after ceasing employment with their current sponsor from 90 days to 60 days, if no new employer found and new nomination lodged, then visa holder is in breach of visa condition 8107 and the visa is subject to cancellation.

Upcoming Legislative Changes on the Definition of “Member of Family Unit” from 19 November 2016

New definition of "member of family unit", removal of "relative" from general definition which effects all visas, dependent children's age set an upper limited of 23 unless incapacitated to work, further allows dependent children who where included in temporary visas in subsequent permanent visas even if their circumstances changes after the temporary visa grant.

Upcoming Legislative Changes for Subclass 462 (Work and Holiday) visas on 19 November 2016

Amendments to all applications lodged on or after 19 November 2016, for existing or former work holiday visa holder who have worked for at least three months as the holder of the first subclass 402 visa. The specified work is intended to be work undertaken in the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism and hospitality industries, and in the Northern Territory and northern parts of Western Australia and Queensland.

New Business Innovation & Investor (Provisional) – SC188 Entrepreneur Stream Announced

It requires applicants to have competent English, it does not require to show overall successful business career or being a business person, not requiring to provide evidence of source of funds, not requiring minimum net business and personal assets, no minimum amount of business investments, not point tested and up to 3 visa applications can be lodged with the same business entity.

Additional 5 Skilled Migration Points for Australian Graduates

The current points test will award 5 additional points for Doctorate and Masters by research-level qualifications gained from Australian universities after 2 academic years of studies, in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, specified ICT and other related fields.

ACT Skilled Occupation List – 1 September 2016

The ACT Government has released a new ACT Occupation List effective from 1 September 2016.

Visas required for workers on vessels and floating structures

The High Court unanimously held that a determination by the Minister pursuant to s 9A(6) of the Migration Act was invalid. This means for theose working on relevant vessels and floating structures in the migration zone are required to obtain a Subclass 400 or 457 visa.

Business, Investor & Skilled Migration – NSW August 2016 Update

The NSW Department of Industry: Business, Investor and Skilled Migration has released the August 2016 update.

Specification of ETA-Eligible Passports 2016 update

Minister Dutton has specified new list of ETA-Eligible Passports on the 19 July 2016 commenced as of 1 April 2016.

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